With over 50 years of experience in the field of expansion joints and piping components, Inoflex is in Italy a leader company and has plants installed all over the world.

In a continuous effort to satisfy the needs of its clients, Inoflex has created the Piping Engineering Division which is a specialized department that, for nearly two decades, takes care of plant projects.

The philosophy adopted by our company proposes a diversification of services in order to satisfy entirely what our clients expect.

Our aim is to offer, already during the preliminary stages, a high quality product by using both human resources and flexible integrated technology.

The experience gained on the field and the frequent up-to-date training, permits a continuous technological improving.

The changes imposed by the market evolution have given our department a chance for growing and developing. This capability has been more and more reinforced, thanks to our consolidated habit to cooperate with the technical departments of our clients, integrating, case by case, the necessary resources to complete the project.

Our arrangement permits our client to concentrate his resources on the productive specifications.               


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